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Campaign with us: Brisbane says ‘No’ to Live Skinning

1 May 2009-1 August 2009

The aim of this three-month long campaign is to collect as many signatures from each of the following suburbs as part of a petition drive against the live skinning of cats and dogs. All collected signatures will be documented and filed and forwarded to Chinese Embassies in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Brisbane says ‘No!’ to live skinning of cats and dogs. This campaign seeks to have the Chinese authorities pay serious attention to this matter and to formally acknowledge this practice as inhumane. The skinning of cats and dogs for fur trade or meat consumption should therefore be banned.

We need all the help we can get for this petition drive. Please email if you would like to help –

  • sign our online petition here
  • send this link to your friends and family
  • empower yourself with facts
  • blog about this!


Brisbane says ‘No’ to Live Skinning of Cats and DogsMillions of cats and dogs are bred in inhumane conditions and sold to markets for their meat, or skinned (sometimes not completely unconscious) for their fur. The methods at which these animals are slaughtered are cruel and must be stopped immediately. Video footage of slaughter houses and pictures of how the animals are transported provide irrefutable evidence that such cruel practices are still taking place, particularly in China and Korea. Fur pelts are sold to the US very cheaply and may be mislabeled as faux fur. Many animal welfare organizations and humane societies have protested against the fur trade, as well as the inhumane killing of cats and dogs for meat. They include PETA, Friends of Dogs, Animal Survivors, International Aid for Korean Animals, etc. Through education and awareness, we hope that this inhumane practice will end. For more information, see

We, the undersigned, call on the Chinese embassies and authorities to formally acknowledge the practice of killing cats and dogs for meat and fur as inhumane. On grounds of inhumanity, the skinning of cats and dogs for fur trade must be banned.

Title Full Name Address (Town/Postcode) Email Signature

Send in your signed leaflets:

leafletA total of 10,000 leaflets will be distributed in Brisbane, parts of Gold Coast and Sydney (city). Please email: if you wish to help.

Locations distributed (list will be updated weekly):

– University of Queensland (St Lucia)
– Indooroopilly
– Milton
– City

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