How you CAN help

The sky is the limit. 

Are you an artist, a writer, a singer? Conceptualise your next piece on this topic. Do you have friends who are? Tell them about this. Are you a blogger but prefer to blog on other topics? Include one entry or add a link to your site. Do you have a website? Add this link to your website, or any other organisation that advocates against cruelty to animals.

  • Make this cause your commitment today.
  • Begin by making a pledge to commit. You do not need to spend a lot of time, just however much you can afford – an hour a day, two hours a week.
  • Make this cause part of your everyday life by starting a mini-project on it. Be creative. Your objective is to inform as many people as you can about this matter.
  • Lead by example and inspire others. By being a conscious and responsible consumer, you are already sending a positive message to the people around you. We do not need to wear fur. We need to ALWAYS question where the fur products come from. We must check that all faux fur products are from legitimate sources. See more reports here.
  • Join animal welfare societies and animal activist groups. Give them a bigger voice. Subscribe to their bulletins and partake in their petitions.
  • Be a Cause Blogger today. Share your experiences with the world. Make cause blogging a part of your everyday life. There is no deadline or goal that you have to achieve. Every little bit you are doing is a lot to the animals who are waiting to be executed.
  • Sign a petition today. For example, with Animal Survivors.
  • Support our campaigns.

Established organisations such as PETA have excellent guide lists to empower individuals to become activists. Remember you do not have to do EVERYTHING. There is no hard and fast rule. I recommend that you read through the list and think of a way at which you could include one or two of the steps in your everyday lifestyle. Here is an example of how I had chosen to do it.

Every step we take may seem extremely minute, especially after reading the facts;  we wish for the cruelty to end immediately. We have to believe that every step we take, we are MAKING it happen. We need the joint effort of everyone, the persistence and the resilience of every dog and cat lover and animal passionate individual to come together and make this daily fight against this cruel practice count for what it is worth.

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  1. If people need info about the Europe ban of cat and dog fur, please go to and choose ‘english’ or ‘downloads’, that will save you time on your research.
    Kind regards,

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