Writing letters



  • Ambassador: Zhang Junsai. Address: 15 Coronation Drive, Yarralumla, ACT 2600. Email: chinaemb_au@mfa.gov.cn


A good list may be obtained from here.

Sample letter #1

Extracted from Friends of Dogs:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please accept this petition letter on behalf of the companion animals in China. More and more people around the world are learning the cruel killing of dogs and cats in your country. You must realize that the image of your Country, and its people, is suffering from the picture this atrocity portrays, to people all over the World! This is why I am very surprised that the government of China pays no attention to the plight of these animals.

Upon learning the way companion animals are treated in China, my heart broke as I keep seeing these beautiful animals being treated in the most cruel, inhumane ways. I hear the screams of terror, and pain, that is the everyday scene in the Chinese meat markets!

Please ask your government to make this senseless torture and slaughter of companion animals for consumption, illegal. It is not only betrayal of trust but also an act of cruelty to kill these animals for food. The very nature of these animals makes it impossible to breed, raise, and slaughter them for consumption, humanely.

People from every Country, who have experienced the comfort, faithfulness, and unconditional love given by these animals, will be horrified by this unspeakable cruelty to these loving animals. Until China bans the consumption of companion animals, and effectively enforce those laws, the image of China will suffer and its caring people will also share the disgrace and shame because of a practice born of greed and ignorance. Please do all you can to help to eradicate the health myth behind the killing and torture of these loving animals and introduce a clear ban of this repulsive practice which seriously damages the image of China in the eyes of the world. 

I would love to visit your country and buy the goods made in China one day. At present, I cannot do so because it will remind me of the pain and anguish these animals are still subject to. Please help these animals and show the world that China also honours trust and friendship.


More information and articles may be obtained from here.

I will be translating this letter to Chinese. Thank you for your patience. Please email me (stopliveskinning@gmail.com) if you are able to reproduce a Korean version.


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