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July 13, 2009

Cold hands, Warm hearts

Announcement #1

ONCE AGAIN – A big thank you to everyone who has supported us by chipping in however you can. So far, we have received quite a handful of signed petitions sent to us via post which is absolutely fantastic. One anonymous individual has even photocopied the flyer and collected signatures on our behalf. Thank you very much! A total of 2000 leaflets have been distributed in various parts of Brisbane so far and about 800 leaflets distributed in Sydney last week. We will continue to distribute the flyers till the end of the month in parts of Brisbane and Gold Coast. Please continue to support us by sending this link to all your friends and family.

A personal note

I have just returned from a 5-day trip to Sydney. It’s, as predicted, much colder than Brisbane. There were many fur hoodies on sale and many consumers buying them. The sight of so many consumers (still in the dark) wearing fur-trimmed hoodies had really motivated me to step up and do more.

Big thank you to Rhiannon and Sarena for posting the link on their facebook accounts and for telling friends and family about this. In particular, I am extremely grateful to Rhiannon, Jun, Justina and Andrew for helping me pass on the leaflets. Thanks guys!

Announcement #2

Grants & Prizes –

The Voiceless Grants Program offers financial support to non-profit organisations, councils and universities for the design and implementation of projects which improve the lives of animals in Australia. The 2009 Grants Program will run from 1st – 31st July during which time an online application form will be available for submission.  This year, grants will be awarded in varying amounts of up to $15,000 per project. To find out more, click here.

Reflection #1

Mom’s here to visit and has been roped in to help out with flyer distribution. She is currently spending the week in Melbourne but will return to Brisbane shortly. So far, family has been extremely supportive and patient; I am very thankful and blessed and will channel all this positive energy to furthering this cause so that one day, we can eventually live in a fur-free society. Although Mom’s been supportive, she had found it very difficult to comprehend that the fluffy furry trims lining the edge of hooded jackets could actually belong to a pooch. We have examined the jackets (and it’s not hard because they are everywhere!) and it is without a doubt that most of the trims are too real to be ‘fake’. In fact, as we were peering into the cages inside a pet shop a week ago, we couldn’t help but notice that the soft brown and white fur ball (some Maltese Cross Poodle of some sort) looked SO familiar – we’ve seen them on the jackets. There is no doubt at all. I say, that’s evidence right there.