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March 18, 2009

Personalise your letter – MSG from PETA

Urge Bali to Stop Inhumane Dog Killings!

To view PETA’s petition message, click here.

PETA has just posted a sample letter which we could also copy and personalise if we so wish to. See example below:

Stop Inhumane Dog Killings

I am appalled by the inhumane killing of dogs in Bali following reported rabies cases on the island. As you may know, strychnine poisoning is extremely inhumane and can cause intense pain before causing death by asphyxiation. A sustained program of vaccinating at least 70 percent of the dog population is the only humane and effective method for controlling rabies in animal populations. This should be done in conjunction with laws mandating the sterilization of all owned animals in order to prevent unwanted births, humane euthanasia of rabies-infected and unwanted animals, and humane-education programs in schools that teach children how to prevent rabies. These are the most effective ways to reduce stray-animal populations and control rabies. Please call off this cruel massacre immediately and establish an effective and humane program to control rabies.

Respectfully yours,

[Your name]