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April 19, 2009

“Meat’s Not Green” Week – Join Me

The week of Earth Day – April 20-26 – is possibly the best time to take the Go Veg pledge! It would be hard – especially if you’ve been conditioned since young to love your meat – but it’s also definitely worth the effort; think about all the animals you are saving and could be saving, and imagine staying healthier and fitter at the same time. During my many campaigns to save Australia’s forests, I have met many people who are passionate about the environment and concerned enough to pledge time and money to do their part to save Mother Earth; here’s a shout-out to you all then – going Veg is also a very good way to do our part to battle climate change so…take up the PETA¬†Challenge today!¬†

Quick re-cap:

  • raising animals for food contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions
  • farming of animals produces 13 billion metric tons of excrement annually (which in turn contributes to water pollution/land contamination)
  • meat processing and distribution accounts for high fuel usage

Need I remind all the benefits of going vegan (or vegetarian for those just starting out)?

  • lower incidences of obesity
  • lower rates of chronic diseases (which include some cancers)
  • good karma! (you are saving up to 100 animals a year from the cruel meat-generating industry)

I’ve planned out this week’s “Green Menu” for my housemates and myself and it looks absolutely delicious; we are going to have “Thai Rice with Mushroom” on Monday and “Spinach with Rice and Herbs” on Thursday. I got the recipes off this site. Let’s spread the Green vibes this week!