Be Aware of the Facts

Ignorance is no excuse for inhumanity and cruelty. We have to empower ourselves with knowledge and to empower our friends and family with knowledge. It is only by STOPPING the demand that the supply of fur or fur-products would stop. With education and awareness, we can all help to END THIS CRUEL PRACTICE now.

There are several organisations out there, campaigning against cruelty to animals and documenting the cruelty. We have facts in the form of statistics, description, eye-witness accounts and even videos. What more do we need before we can BELIEVE that such cruelty exists and what more do we need before we REALISE that we have to do whatever we can to help stop such cruel practices?

There are individuals – like you and I – passionate enough to fight against this cause by WRITING about it, by RE-LIVING the horrors each time we write it, by CAMPAIGNING against it. Please do not ignore this information any further. Please start your own Cause Blog and campaign at your nearest neighbourhood, or school. Please tell your friends about it.

I have summarised some of the astonishing facts of this terrible trade below. They have been obtained from various sites, all which had been referenced/linked as appropriate:

– Yes, cats and dogs ARE farmed for their skins
– The animals are crammed in boxes and transported in terrible conditions
– The killing and skinning process is extremely cruel
– Videos have shown that the animals are not completely dead when skinned
– Main importers of fur garments are Developed nations
– Processing of the fur had hid the real origin of the material and consumers are unaware that they are buying dog and cat fur
– Reports of shocking statistics of cats and dogs killed in China are as recent as 2007

I’ve compiled a pdf report, Global Alert, documenting reports, evidence and campaign on this issue. There is irrefutable evidence that cats and dogs are skinned in inhumane ways for their fur because of the fur and fur-trim industries. The chapters covered are listed below:

Chapter 1: Fur Industry – From Real (then) to ‘Fake’ (now)
1.1 Exposing Real fur
1.2 Exposing ‘Fake’ fur
Chapter 2: The truth about cats and dogs
2.1 Cat and dog fur IS faux fur
2.2 Legislation to protect domestic cats and dogs
Chapter 3: The farming/skinning process (if you don’t already know)
3.1 It is cruel, inhumane and unnecessary
Chapter 4: The value of fur – WHO decides?
4.1 Market-driven industry
Chapter 5: Solutions, an assessment of what has been done and what more can be done
5.1 Campaigns and successes

If you would like a copy of the pdf report (free), please email The report will usually be sent within 48 hours. Please check your SPAM folder as some email providers may treat it as spam.

If you only have enough time to read one article, then read this: Dying for fur, A report on the fur industry in China, update 25 Jan 2007 , Copyright East International/Swiss Animal Protection SAP

The above information has been obtained from the following sources. I highly recommend everyone to read the articles and to research into this matter:

Cats, Dogs, and Foxes Skinned Alive in China for Their Fur by Stefan Anitei, Science Editor, 13 July 2007

Excerpt: “China’s economy is just speeding and now the country is the world’s largest exporter of fur garments; but for these 12 years of rapid progress, a great price is paid by the fur-bearing animals. There are no laws regulating the confinement and slaughter of the raccoon dogs, foxes, minks, rabbits, and even dogs and cats, in a highly profitable business. While conditions of Western fur farms have been highly criticized, what happens in China is far more shocking and brutal. “China’s farms number as many as 10,000, where 90% of the skins come from farms with fewer than 50 females”, stated China Leather Industry Association.” Read on.

Undercover Investigation: China’s Fur Farms, video documentation uploaded by PETA, accessed on 11 March 2009

Animals are not ours to wear, PETA, accessed on 11 March 2009

Excerpt: “In 1994, a groundbreaking PETA U.S. investigation revealed the hideous cruelty of the fur industry, including the gruesome genital electrocutions taking place on a California chinchilla farm. The investigation resulted in the first case of cruelty to animals to be filed against a furrier. Investigators documented that chinchillas were hung upside-down by alligator clamps attached to their ears and labia or anuses. The animals were trembling and fearfully silent until a powerful jolt of electricity froze their movements. In other instances, animals had rods jammed into their mouths or anuses and were electrocuted. It takes at least 100 chinchilla pelts to make just one full-length coat.

“…Gassing, neck-breaking, and the use of decompression chambers are other common slaughter methods. Crude killing methods aren’t always effective, and sometimes animals “wake up” while they are being skinned…”

“Millions of dogs and cats are bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death, and strangled with wire nooses every year in China so that their fur can be turned into trim and trinkets. This fur is often deliberately mislabeled as fur from other species and is exported to countries throughout the world to be sold to unsuspecting customers. China produces approximately 30 percent of the world’s finished fur garments, so if you wear fur, there’s no way to tell whose skin you’re in…”

Read on.

I can still hear their screams, by Devvy, 14 December 2005

Excerpt: “As I watched the video progress, I realized that I was crying. The screams of live dogs and cats as they were skinned alive, their big eyes begging for mercy and receiving none, ripped my heart out and brought incredible rage from deep down inside. The next shots of cat pelts laid on the floor with all the dead bodies still twitching in piles cast aside like garbage, would have driven someone with a weak stomach right to the bathroom. It hardened my resolve against trading with barbarians. I can still hear their screams.

Read on.

Dogs and Cats skinned alive for their fur in China, by Gary Feuerberg, Epoch Times Washington, 21 February 2007


Excerpt: “The fur garments are most commonly sold in the U.S., Europe or Japan as fur-trim on coats, gloves, purses, toys, trinkets, and even furniture. By mixing fur with silk, wool, suede and leather, and employing new manufacturing processes, such as shearing and knitting, and new fashionable colors, fur has attained a new novelty and versatility, according to sources cited in a Care for the Wild International (CWI) report.

Read on.

It is unbelievable but it is true. We DO NOT NEED to wear fur. We have to do the right thing. We cannot ignore the facts anymore.

Click here to view images.If you wish to view video footages, see Animal Savior. Warning: Viewer discretion is advised.

Here are more articles and information (and pictures):

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