Dog eating – A generation GAP

How far would you go to save Man’s best friend? Dog eating (and cat eating) is increasingly being viewed as a cultural affair to some Koreans and Chinese. I have intentionally avoided entering a moralistic debate on what should or should not be eaten. However, I condemn all who resort to unnecessary cruelty for personal gain and consumption. Similarly, any one who is aware of the cruel acts inflicted to living things and still turn a blind eye to it, is equally guilty.

I have recently received an email from a friend, forwarded on in a chain-mail, titled very simply: “Pls stop this by forwarding to everyone”. In disbelief, I saw pictures of dogs cramped into dirty cages, some reared since young in them, awaiting for their execution and sold in markets as food. The execution manner was obscenely cruel and I felt sick in my stomach immediately. You can view the images here (viewer discretion advised).

This is not a new topic to animal activists and very often, innocent people from the cultures perpetrating such cruel acts are implicated in the process. It is very easy to ‘hate’. How many times have we heard this remark – Why are Japanese so cruel? I hate Japanese. Chinese are such cruel people! I hate Chinese. Very often the speaker expresses his/her anger in this manner as a means to cope with the overwhelming pain; cats and dogs to some are like their children. There are Chinese and Korean residents campaigning against such acts as well. 

woman-crying source

Animals Asia Foundation has also reported changing attitudes in China. I believe that the culture of dog eating (and whale eating for that matter) will eventually stop along with education and increased awareness. With advancement of technology, more and more people are becoming aware that they are being cruel just by being consumers. Please do not scorn the effectiveness of public education on this matter and spread the news to all your friends and family. Our young generation – and I mean the Koreans and the Chinese – can and will end such acts of cruelty because they have been made aware of it. 

Here are more articles and information (and pictures):

I have created a new page, Writing Letters, and it is a work-in-progress. I will be adding addresses of embassies as well as sample letters to the page.


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