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April 9, 2009

Animal Lovers to Speak Up


Join Louis of ACRES at the Speakers’ Corner on Saturday! Here is a short message from Louis: 

“Why should you care that over one million sharks were killed last year alone for the sake of shark fin soup? Because this is not just about sharks. When sharks die, the oceans die. Latest research shows that when sharks are removed from the ecosystem, the entire marine food chain starts to collapse, and takes with it the food resources on which large populations of humans depend. It all happens under the surface and out of sight, so we never get to see it. But now we can. A ‘first-of-its-kind’ ACRES Event. Join ACRES for a revealing display of the devastating domino effect caused by the disappearance of sharks. This event to launch ACRES’ campaign against shark fin soup will be held at Hong Lim Park (Speaker’s Corner) on 18 April 2009 from 2pm to 4pm. It is a unique opportunity for animal lovers to show their support for the thousands of creatures threatened by the soup. If you have ever eaten shark fin, please come and discover why the practice is so destructive. If you love nature and the earth, please come learn about this catastrophe under the sea. Even if you couldn’t care less about sharks or nature, please come find out how this will change your life. Because like it or not, all of us are eventually going to pay the price for Asia’s ravenous indulgence in this soup. 

Event details:

‘When sharks die, the oceans die’ 
Saturday 18th April 2009 2pm – 5pm
Hong Lim Park (Speakers’ Corner)”

And he was absolutely right. In fact, it was just yesterday when a fellow campaigner from Canada highlighted a recent article she had read about: how biologists have recently discovered life-size squids – literally the size of a human being – increase in numbers because sharks, which for centuries had been controlling their population, have now dropped in such drastic numbers. The role that sharks had been playing – in the food chain – should not be underestimated. These life-size squids are poisonous and are creating havoc in the underwater world, terrorizing other fishes and divers. Of course, I had joked, we could always make a meal out of these squids and that should “fix” the problem. I won’t for a moment doubt that another problem would occur. In fact, this is an urgent reminder that we must not destroy the ecological cycle or the consequences can be quite unimaginable!