Pictures – Viewer Discretion

After much deliberation, I have found it necessary to include pictures documenting the immense cruelty of live skinning and the illegal killing of dogs and for human consumption in several countries. The authenticity of the images are in my opinion irrefutable; the source of the images, however, are at times unknown. Nonetheless, the objective of re-posting the images are intended to drive home the harsh truth that humans are very cruel and the animals are suffering AS WE SPEAK. Seeing is believing – and sometimes, seeing is the only way we can come to terms with the fact that such unnecessary acts of cruelty IS HAPPENING.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Source unknown: Extracted from mail circulation (Images depict locations in Korea)

For more, see International Aid for Korean Animals.


Source: Animals Asia Foundation


If you wish to view video footages, see Animal Savior.

I’ve compiled a pdf report, Global Alert, documenting reports, evidence (photos/DNA lab reports) and campaigns on this issue. There is irrefutable evidence that cats and dogs are skinned in inhumane ways for their fur because of the fur and fur-trim industries. The chapters covered are listed below:

Chapter 1: Fur Industry – From Real (then) to ‘Fake’ (now)
1.1 Exposing Real fur
1.2 Exposing ‘Fake’ fur
Chapter 2: The truth about cats and dogs
2.1 Cat and dog fur IS faux fur
2.2 Legislation to protect domestic cats and dogs
Chapter 3: The farming/skinning process (if you don’t already know)
3.1 It is cruel, inhumane and unnecessary
Chapter 4: The value of fur – WHO decides?
4.1 Market-driven industry
Chapter 5: Solutions, an assessment of what has been done and what more can be done
5.1 Campaigns and successes

If you would like a copy of the pdf report (free), please email The report will usually be sent within 48 hours. Please check your SPAM folder as some email providers may treat it as spam.

If you only have enough time to read one article, then read thisDying for fur, A report on the fur industry in China, update 25 Jan 2007 , Copyright East International/Swiss Animal Protection SAP


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