This Cause Blog is developed with one conviction – to raise greater awareness on the Live Skinning of Cats and Dogs. I say this because many people are ignorant of this FACT. Millions of cats and dogs are being reared and skinned for their fur as we speak. It is an unbelievably cruel trade that is completely unnecessary because wearing fur is unnecessary. The objective of this blog is also to document my personal campaigns regarding this matter as it is taking place. You will read about my experiences and hopefully, in the process, be inspired to make your own.

My Pledge:

I will use my writing and designing skills to inspire individuals to campaign and to raise greater awareness on this issue. I hope to do so in an ethical and creative way. I will lead by example and I will make cause blogging a part of my everyday life. I will blog about my campaigns regularly.

Steps that I will take:

If you have a story to share or a suggestion to make please email: stopliveskinning@gmail.com


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