Brisbane says ‘No!’

Announcement #1

I am organising a state-wide campaign to petition against the live skinning of cats and dogs for fur trading and meat consumption on the grounds of inhumanity. The objective of the campaign is to approach as many people as possible at selected suburbs and to collect at least 100 signatures from each suburb for the upcoming three months, beginning 1 May 2009. All signatures collected will be filed, documented and forwarded on to all Chinese Embassies in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom as a means to have the Chinese authorities take this matter seriously and formally acknowledge it as an inhumane practice, and on such grounds, be banned in China. To find out how you can help, see Current Campaigns. To sign our online petition now, click here.

Announcement #2

Thank you TampinesZone.Com for adding our e-flyer to your front page. If you would like to help as well and would like a customised e-flyer to add to your website, please email

Announcement #3

A group of Brisbane lawyers who called themselves “BLEATS (Brisbane Lawyers Educating and Advocating for Tougher Sentences)”  have formed an organisation to campaign for animal justice. Their major aim is to focus attention on the apparent unwillingness or seeming inability of Magistrates to wield their powers under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001. Sign the petition to Support Tougher Sentences for Animal Cruelty today.


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