Message from PETA

Caged and frozen with fear, raccoon dogs watch helplessly as fur farmers make their way down the long rows, yanking animals out of the cages, slamming them to the ground, and kicking and beating them on the head with metal pipes, over and over again. The beaten animal twitch their legs as they anticipate the next painful blow. Even before some of the animals have stopped struggling, the workers grab them and hang them by their tails or legs, cut them with knives, and rip the skin off their bodies in one huge piece.

This is what PETA Asia’s undercover investigators witnessed—and recorded on video—in their most recent visit to a Chinese fur farm. Millions of animals endure this misery every year in China so that their fur can be made into coats, trim, or trinkets. It’s impossible to know where a fur item originated, so anyone who wears any fur shares the blame for the horrific conditions on Chinese fur farms.

The suffering of animals who are killed for their fur is heartbreaking, but just being sad doesn’t help them—they need us to take action. Please help us call attention to the horrors endured by animals who are killed for their skins by forwarding this information to your friends and family members and telling everyone you know about the cruelty of the fur industry.

Together, we can help the foxes, dogs, rabbits, and countless other individual animals who are suffering on fur farms in China and around the world.


The PETA Asia Team

Click here for more information.


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